Underwriting Opportunities

2010 Michigan Government TV Underwriting Fees

MGTV is offering underwriting spots (:15-:20 seconds) on a ‘Run of Schedule’ (ROS) basis.

Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 2:00pm E.T.  Occasionally, early morning, afternoons and evenings are available for special programming events.  When this occurs, spots may run  during these extended hours.

MGTV, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, is a public affairs initiative of Michigan’s cable television industry.  MGTV reaches approximately 1,570,000 cable households during our normal hours of operation 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday.

MGTV reserves the right to refuse underwriting for any reason.

Payment is due 30 days following receipt of invoice.

 MGTV Underwriting Credit Guidelines

  • Spots are a maximum of :20 seconds, and must be suitable for airing on a public access cable channel.
  • MGTV can produce the spot free-of-charge in most instances utilizing logos, images and/or video provided by the underwriter.  Client must supply the company information in a timely manner and logo in a useable file format. Photoshop (.psd). files are preferred, but you may also provide a .jpg, .bmp, .png, or .tiff file.  Minimum dimensions must be 640 x 480 pixels for company logos.
  • Client may also provide an appropriate spot.
  • A business, service or event may be described in value neutral terms that avoid comparative or qualitative claims, superlative descriptions or promotional language.  Examples include: “expert”, “finest”, “leader”, “best”, “greatest”, “most reliable”, etc.
  • The credit may not contain calls to action or solicitation of direct consumer response.  Examples include: “call today”, “stop in”, “give it a try”
  • Price of value information is not allowed.
  • The physical location of a business (city, area, town, or cross streets) and phone numbers or website addresses may be included.
  • Established corporate identifiers or corporate positioning statements may be allowable.  Slogans coined for specific marketing campaigns are not allowable.
  • Acknowledgements may be made for identification purposes only and should not promote the contributor’s products, services, or company.  For example, logos or logograms used by corporations or businesses are permitted so long as they do not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of the donor’s products or services.
  • Similarly, company slogans which contain general product line descriptions are acceptable if not designed to be promotional in nature.  Visual depictions of specific products are permissible.  The inclusion of a telephone number or world-wide-web address in an acknowledgement is within these general guidelines and, is therefore permissible.


Several examples of announcements that would clearly violate the rule may be helpful:

  • Announcements containing price information are not permissible.  This would include any announcement of interest rate information or other indication of savings or value associated with the product.     An example of such an announcement is: 7.7% interest rate available now.
  • Announcements containing a call to action are not permissible.  Examples of such announcements are: “Stop by our showroom to see a model”, “Try product X next time you buy oil.”
  • Announcements containing an inducement to buy, sell, rent, or lease are not permissible.  Examples of such announcements are: “Six months’ free service”, A bonus available this week”, “Special gift for the first 50 visitors”


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