Civil War Battle Flags

“Oh, Could They But Speak!” The history and importance of Michigan’s Civil War battle flags.

Michigan Government Television presents a package of curriculum materials that examine Michigan’s involvement in the Civil War.  The program specifically looks at the role our historic battle flags and the flag bearers played in the conflict. Lesson plans are tied to standards and benchmarks in the Michigan Curriculum Framework in government, history, and technology. The program was created in 2001 and additional curriculum standards and benchmarks were updated in 2006.  The program is a great addition to any classroom curriculum covering the sesquicentennial commemoration for the Civil War in 2011.  Additional materials through the Henry Ford Museum are listed on our Education page.

Learn how your school can adopt one of the Civil War battle flags to help preserve them for future generations.  Sponsorship for a flag’s preservation is described online through the Department of Natural Resources.  Over 100 flags have been adopted to date and the cost of sponsoring one of these important pieces of history is $1,000.

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 00 Intro and Overview

Lesson Plan 01

Lesson Plan 02

Lesson Plan 03

Lesson Plan 04

Lesson Plan 05

Lesson Plan 06

Lesson Plan 07

Lesson Plan 08

Lesson Plan 09

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Supplemental Resources

Austin Blair

Battle of the Crater

Bulletin Board Assignment

Effects of the Civil War Questions

Effects of the Civil War Teachers Answers

Flag Poem

Letters Home

Michigan’s Role

Personal Flag

Portfolio Assignment

Women and Minorities


Student Materials

Flag Facts



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