What Do You Want to Know?

Mission Statement

To provide MGTV’s audience with live and taped coverage of all branches of Michigan government;

To provide elected or appointed officials and others who would influence public policy a direct conduit to the audience without filtering or otherwise distorting their points of view.

To provide the audience; through the call-in programs, direct access to elected officials, other policymakers and journalists on an occasional open basis;

To provide students and educators with a working knowledge of the three branches of Michigan government;

To employ production values that accurately convey the business of government without distracting from it; and to conduct all other aspects of its operations consistent with these principles.

MGTV Programming Policies

Michigan Government Television (MGTV) will use its best efforts:

To provide programming that is fair, accurate, balanced and without regard to partisanship or ideology. MGTV’s coverage is intended to offer viewers access to government deliberations. MGTV’s segments will be unedited;

To provide programming which will be scheduled by the Executive Director in a manner which recognizes the role of timeliness in the value of information. Programming with content which does not lose value through immediacy may be delayed and replayed on a tape delayed basis;

To provide programming and scheduling of telecasts which will reflect a variety of possible subject matter and deliberating bodies. Balance shall also reflect the importance of covering issues of interest to particular geographic areas;

To keep statistics which insure a reasonable representation of the three branches of Michigan government;

To provide programming and scheduling consistent with MGTV’s mission with the understanding that MGTV’s resources are limited. The MGTV Board delegates full authority to the Executive Director in making decisions.

use of its programming under certain circumstances. Please contact MGTV for information on licensing.

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